2016 Season

The 2016 trapshooting season starts with a practice night on April 6 2016.  League shooting will start on Wednesday, April 13 2016.

Shooting begins at 6:00 pm, and we try to be wrapped up before 9:00 pm.

Prices will remain the same as last year.

We are in the process of replacing some sidewalks and fencing in the area behind the traps.  Please watch your step as there may be some mud and soft spots in the grass.  We appreciate your patience with this project – it will be worth it when it’s done!

Trapshooting starts soon!

League trapshooting begins on April 16. We’ll hold a practice night and league meeting night on April 9.

The trap fields are currently free of snow, so we are ready to go.

Please spread the word. We are always looking for new shooters – league, Lewis class, or practice shooters.

McLeod County and your 2nd Amendment Rights

Passing on a message from McLeod County Sheriff Scott Rehmann. If this is something that you feel strongly about, please consider attending.

On Tuesday, May 7, at 930 or there after, Commissioner Jon Christensen will be introducing a resolution in support of our 2nd Amendment rights. The resolutions states that McLeod County nullifes any federal law that violates the 2nd Amendmant as written and understood by our founding fathers. It furthers requests that our state legislators enact a law that supports our rights under the 2nd Amendment. I understand that many of you have jobs but if you are able to attend and perhaps speak to the issue I would be grateful. McLeod county will be the first in MN to pass such a resolution and I feel it will be important to show our support to the commissioners. If you can attend please be there by 9:30 am in the commissioners room in the basement of the courthouse. Please feel free to pass this on to others that would be interested in attending. With the current talk of starting the gun control debate again after it failed at the state and federal level, I feel it is important to starting pushing back.

Thank you and God Bless!

Good News!

We received a slight reprieve in our property tax increase this year.  As a result, we won’t have to raise prices quite as much as we first thought.  We’re currently looking at a .50 / round increase overall instead of a $1 / round increase.

Hope you can join us on 4/10 for our season opener practice shooting night.  League begins on 4/17.

Practice shooters are ALWAYS welcome! There is no commitment necessary, simply come out and shoot a round or two whenever you’d like.