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Dates for summer of 2024…

Dates subject to change due to weather.  Keep an eye on our Facebook page, and subscribe to our email updates for last-minute changes.   (send an email to and ask to be added to our mailing list)

Season Dates:
Practice Night: Wednesday, April 3
First League Night: Wednesday, April 10
End First Half: Wednesday, June 5
No shooting Wednesday, July 3rd in observance of Independence Day
End Second Half: Wednesday, August 14
Year End Party: Wednesday, August 21
Two other dates to keep in mind:
Sunday, June 16th the LPSC will be hosting the MTA Southern Regional Zone shoot
Saturday, August 10th the LPSC will again be hosting the MYSA youth chain shoot
As for 2024 costing:
League membership: $100 per team
16yd Lewis Class Entry Fee: $10 per entry (300 target event)
Youth Shooting: $8 for practice, Lewis or youth league
Adult Shooting: $9 for practice, Lewis or league
Doubles: $9 for 13-pair, $18 for 25-pair
As you can imagine, the cost of targets has gone up exponentially the past few years and is expected to climb some more with the announcement after Winchester acquired White Flyer targets. Insurance has also continued to feel the effects of inflation, as I’m sure everyone has noticed for their own policies. We have done everything we can to maintain the most competitive pricing in the area and we feel pretty proud that we have only had to raise the cost to all of you slightly over the past few years.
As always, please reach out if there are any questions! Expect some more communications as we get closer to spring.


Great News! The LPSC will officially begin our shortened season next week, on Wednesday, June 3rd! The plan is to run with a single half season, which is comprised of 10 weeks.
June 3 – Leagues begin
August 5 – Leagues end
August 12 – Shoot-off night
Since July 4th lands on a Saturday this year, we will be open and shooting on July 1st.
If anyone wants to limit the time at our club, we suggest shooting twice within 1 week. We are also asking to limit the amount of people inside of the clubhouse.
We will be open tonight, May 27th, for practice shooting. This will allow those of you who need to blast the rust out of your barrels some time to get ready before we begin next week.
Handicap League:
Classes will be determined based on previous experience and number of teams shooting this year. All teams will need to post a score for each week so handicap yardage can be calculated.
Lewis Classes:
16yd Lewis Class: 200 targets (this has changed from in years past to help accommodate a shortened season)
16yd Youth Lewis Class: 200 targets
27yd Lewis Class: 200 targets (if enough participants)
16yd Doubles Lewis Class: 4 rounds of 25 pair[200 targets] (if enough participants)
Our 2020 COVID-19 Safety Plan will be posted at the club, and can also be found on our website. Please practice safe social distancing when possible.
We are always looking for ideas on how to improve safety measures and operations at our club. Please feel free to let us know if you see something that we could be doing better!