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Makeup for rain-out week.

Instead of extending the league season by one week to make up for last week’s rain-out, we will instead make up the shooting by having each team shoot twice over the next two weeks. All yardages will remain the same until everyone is caught up. Hopefully, we can get about half the teams to shoot the make-up round this week and the other half can make it up next week.

Shooting cancelled for tonight, 5/23

It is raining heavily and lightning in Lester Prairie at this time and radar doesn’t look very promising for the next few hours.  As a result, we are cancelling shooting for tonight.

The league season will be extended by one week at the end of the season.

Practice Shooting 4/11, League 4/18

Just to clarify, we will be open for practice shooting on 4/11 with league starting on 4/18.

We have also been open on Sunday afternoons during the high school league shooting.  Turnout has been poor.  We will continue to be open on Sunday afternoons if we have more shooters come out.

Note, we will NOT be open on Easter Sunday, 4/8.  Enjoy the holiday with your families.