Price Increase for 2013.

Due to an 83% increase in our property taxes for 2013, and also significant increases in insurance premiums, we have been forced to raise shooting prices for 2013.

This year’s prices are as follows:

League  $8.00

Practice  $7.00

Lewis  $7.50

The league team registration fee remains at $40/year per team. This fee includes memberships for the first five primary shooters.  Subs may purchase memberships for $5/person if they desire.

We sincerely apologize for having to raise prices this year.  We have been able to absorb many of the increases in fixed costs that we have seen over the past several years, but this tax increase was just too much to bear.   We are not alone:  The other sportsmen’s clubs in McLeod County received similar notices.  We are working with these other clubs to see if we can work out a better solution for next year.  Thank you for your understanding.

Shooting begins on Wednesday, April 10th with practice shooting.  League shooting will begin on 4/17.